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Going Public

Welcome to my world!

In high school, I would sit in the back of the room and whisper snide comments about my history teacher's lack of a chin and undying lust for Charlemagne's manhood. The kids next to me would laugh and get detention.

Being a painter can be like that. Your art sneaks out, like a fart in church. People pick it up with their sense organs and respond. But unless the "creator" is famous (or INFAMOUS in the case of the fart), most people don't obsess about the identity of the author or the process of creation.

Up 'til now, my paintings have snuck out one by one on my Facebook page. Usually, the most recent one gets the most "likes," maybe triggering an offer to buy within a day or so of posting, but soon gets forgotten. Some pieces, however, have a longer "jean leak," stimulating belated conversation and perhaps even suggestions from those who observe my art.

The launching of this website is my statement to the world that, "Yes, I was the one who cut the cheese!" This blog will serve the purpose of unveiling to a select interested tribe the inner mental peristalsis that produces the vaporous emissions I call "paintings."

Promise me, though, that you won't laugh or snicker too loud. You might get in trouble with the teacher. And she really DIDN'T have a chin, even a tiny one. I promise.

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