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Justifiable Rage

Portrait of Sam Kinison 24 x 24 acrylic

2020 Can't Kill Me

portrait of the late great George Carlin 11 x 14 oil

This Crap Really Sucks

Portrait of Roseanne Barr 20 x 20 oil

Shut the F Up

Portrait of the late great Richard Pryor 24 x 24 oil

It's Never Too Soon

Portrait of Gilbert Gottfried 12 x 12 oil

My Job Here is Done

Portrait of Lewis Black 12 x 12 oil

Not Gonna Lie- This Stinks!

Portrait of comic Wanda Sykes 16 x 20 oil

So there!

Portrait of comic Ali Wong, 16 x 20 oil

Here Comes Trouble

Portrait of comic Tig Notaro 12 x 12 oil

I Need More Lexapro!

Portrait of comic Patton Oswalt 12 x 12 oil

Never Stop Complaining!

Portrait of comic Margaret Cho 16 x 20 oil

Good Bye, Joe

Portrait of iconic (for the first couple weeks of the pandemic) Joe Exotic, 16 x 20

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